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In Business Writing and Story-Driven Marketing

Better words get better results!

Take Your Business Writing to the Next Level

Copywriting is a critical element in your marketing strategy and a key ingredient for all areas of business success. You see, copywriting is not merely about getting words down on paper to convey a message, rather it’s the act of strategically delivering words that move people to action

It’s about understanding fundamental principles of consumer psychology, digging out what’s unique about your offering, and crafting powerful copy that makes your reader crave the product or service you’re selling or promoting.

No matter what kind of copywriting you want to do – whether it’s web copy, traditional sales letters, email nurture campaigns, Business-to-Business, or anything else – you’ll find out everything you need to know in this Masterclass, including how to…

  • Write website content that will make your phone ring
  • Craft persuasive texts that leave a lasting impression
  • Stand out in the content marketing jungle to attract more prospects
  • Express your offer in a way your prospects can’t ignore
  • Become a confident business writer, happy with your content

If you want to jump on the fast track to becoming a successful business writer, we invite you to attend this invigorating, inspirational, and eye-opening Copywriting Masterclass, where you will gain both the confidence and skills to write powerful sales and marketing copy.

You don’t have to be an experienced, accomplished, “natural”, or even keen writer to make these principles work for you!

Free Stuff

Here are some exclusive extras you can expect because don’t we all like to get more bang for our buck?

FREE Professional Workbook Valued at $49

Handy templates reflecting proven pitches (so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel)

Checklists so you can quickly assess your copy

An information-packed workbook, so you can read up on the concepts we discussed and don’t have to take your own notes (Valued at $49). This includes a bonus chapter not covered in class (More Techniques Guaranteed to Take Your Copy to the Next Level)

Access to an exclusive Facebook group that you can use as a sounding board for your new ideas and to get peer feedback on your copy

A 30-minute Q&A session before each class to discuss any questions or issues that may have come up. Come with questions, because we have the answers…

Plus, if you’re one of the lucky first 20 participants to sign up, you can enjoy the optional benefit of a one on one coaching session to discuss your individual business copy-strategy at a 69% discount for only $45.57 + GST, saving you $101.43!

See Immediate Results

This Masterclass is packed with copywriting how-tos that range from identifying your prospects’ core buying emotions… to finding your point of difference and using it to craft compelling offers… to applying proven sales pitch formulas to your own business writing… to the art of story-driven marketing… to writing powerful headlines that grab your prospect by the eyeballs… to writing email copy that can generate sales just like that.

In this hands-on workshop you will get the foundation you need to THINK differently about what your copywriting can do and how it should sound.

You will gain the skills to knock out your first draft and then “edit in the awesome”, and, best of all, you can do it all immediately with the right training and the help of handy templates and a proven process.

These valuable skills can pay off instantly. With a single email send or headline tweak, you could cover the full cost of the program with plenty left over (oh, and did I mention the repeat income from sending the email again?)


Helena has helped many businesses universities, and organisations around the world craft more compelling texts through training, one-on-one coaching, and as a hired professional copywriter.

Here’s what they have to say…

I enjoyed the motivating atmosphere during the workshop. I could instantly improve my writing through learning by doing.

Helena from Tales was vey prompt and efficient editing the copy for my business website. Some very important changes were suggested and it really made a difference to the way my copy read and how professional my site became. I would not hesitate to recommended Helena for your language editing or writing needs.

Helena greatly improved my writing by providing me with to the point advice on how to better structure and organize. It is also worth mentioning a hearty smile and good atmosphere while working with her. Helena is packed with motivation and ready to answer all your questions and doubts.

Helena is extremely knowledgeable and is a role model for practicing and teaching business writing. I gained so many valuable insights from her Masterclass workshop and my business writing has substantially improved. Best of all, I now have to confidence and knowledge to tell the difference between good and bad pieces of writing.

Selection of companies and organisations Helena has worked with:

Your Presenter

Helena - Translations ManagerHelena Merschdorf

Helena Merschdorf is a passionate entrepreneur, scientist, and copywriter, who has presented her popular Masterclass workshop series around the world, as far abroad as Austria. With Master’s degrees and industry experience in both geographic information science and linguistics, Helena understands the challenges faced by various industries in today’s fast-paced information society.

Since starting out in the language business in 2011, Helena has translated and written numerous business websites to meet the growing demands of business globalisation, refining her web-writing skills in the process.

She discovered the power of great web-copy, and how the words on a website can effectively make or break its sales potential. Helena found this concept truly fascinating. She was eager to learn all the ins and outs of writing great copy and content (not just for websites!), which led her to pursue the industry-leading AWAI Copywriting Program.

In the program, she consolidated her web-writing skills and learnt how to write powerful promotions, sales emails, direct response campaigns, content marketing campaigns, and much more.

Helena also recognised that her clients would benefit most if she coupled her powerful copywriting skills with a solid understanding of digital marketing. As someone who is always keen to learn and grow, Helena underpinned her copywriting services with a Micromasters in Digital Marketing, giving her the well-rounded industry understanding she possesses today.

The Modules

Week One

The Foundational Principles of Consumer Psychology

  • Understanding Human Desires and How They Relate to Sales
  • Copywriting Emotions – What Really Makes Us Tick
  • Psychological Principles That Drive the Sales Machine
  • Features Versus Benefits (And How to Apply Them to Your Marketing)
  • The Architecture of Persuasion
  • Proven and Practical Methods of Increasing Your Credibility

Week Two

Copywriting Commandments Every Great Writer Needs to Know

  • Getting to Know Your Audience and Writing for Them
  • Finding Your Unique Selling Proposition and Wording it Right
  • Making an Irresistible Offer Your Prospect Can’t Refuse
  • Discovering Your Brand’s Unique Tone of Voice and Using it in Your Sales Copy

Week Three

The Short Course on Sales Pitch Formulas, Structure, and Layout

  • Discover How to Apply Proven Sales Pitch Formulas to Your Business Writing
  • Find Out How Aspects of Layout and Design Can Make or Break Your Sales Pitch
  • Understand How to Write Headlines That Grab Your Prospect by the Eyeballs
  • Powerful Punctuation: How to Use Ellipses, Bullets, and Commas for Maximum Effect
  • How to Write Subject Lines with Record-Breaking Opening Rates
  • Understand the Importance of a Strong Call to Action

Week Four

Writing Engaging Copy for Content in its Many Forms

  • Email Mastery: Plot (and Write) Outcome-Driven Email Campaigns
  • Content Marketing Through Blogs and Social Media
  • Injecting Oomph into Your Newsletters to Drive More Sales
  • Writing for SEO: How to Appeal to Man and Machine
  • Understanding Landing Pages and How to Align Them with Your Marketing Campaigns
  • How to Effectively Generate and Present High-Quality Content

Week Five

The Writing and Editing Process

  • Power Writing: Get Down Your First Draft Without Agonising Over Every Word
  • Punch Up Your Copy by Injecting Emotion, Storytelling, and Personal Touches
  • How to Test the Effect of Your Copy Before (And After) It Goes Live
  • How to Combat Wordiness and Keep the Content Sharp
  • How to Get the Ideas Flowing When You’re Stuck
  • Language Matters: Simple Tips for Becoming a More Stylish Writer

Week Six

The Fundamentals of Story-Driven Advertising

  • The Story Structure: How to Create a Compelling Narrative that Captures and Holds Your Prospects’ Attention
  • Finding Hooks and Sinkers That Will Move Your Audience to Action (Buy!)
  • “But I Don’t Have Any Good Stories to Tell…” – Uncover the Potential Stories Hidden in Your Business and Apply Them to Drive Leads and Convert Sales

Bonus Workbook Chapter

More Techniques Guaranteed to Take Your Copy to the Next Level

  • Keys to Building Customer Trust in Your Copy
  • When, Where, And How to Use Testimonials
  • Ways to Dramatize Offerings for Greater Appeal
  • Testing Your Copy: What, When, How, And Why You Test

5 Great Reasons You Should Consider the Copywriting Masterclass…

It’s packed with proven tips and techniques that have sold billions of dollars’ worth of products.

It introduces you to all aspects of writing powerful sales copy – from what you need to know about consumer psychology… to writing powerful headlines… to plotting effective email campaigns, and much more!

The workshop is entirely hands-on. You actually write while you learn and have the opportunity to get immediate feedback from a professional copywriter AND see immediate results when your copy goes live.

You will walk away with a clear understanding of your point of difference and how to set yourself apart from the competition.

You can refer back to the professional information workbook anytime, so you don’t have to remember everything or spend the sessions hastily jotting down notes.

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