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Publish Your Text with Confidence

When you know that it's clear, engaging, and error-free

We understand what makes a good text and will work with you to perfect your piece of writing.

While correct spelling, grammar, terminology, and style are essential to a good text, these are not the only aspects we bear in mind when editing your work.

Instead, we aim to help you produce a captivating and persuasive piece of writing that is well organised, with a clear line of arguments that follow a logical sequence.

We edit your writing for...
  • Grammar & Punctuation
  • Vocabulary & Terminology
  • Style
  • Consistency
  • Organisation
  • Sequence & Flow
  • Logic

Tales was very prompt and efficient in editing the copy for my business website. Some very important changes were suggested and it really made a difference to the way my copy read and how professional my site became. I would not hesitate to recommend Tales for your language editing or writing needs.


– Kate Bennett, Business Manager of SEKA Electrical

Our Copy-Editing Services



How you represent your business in both internal and external communications is key to your company success.

Our editors ensure the grammatical and lexical correctness of your texts and implement a consistent, appropriate style.

Business documents include

  • Product descriptions/brochures
  • Annual reports
  • Tenders
  • Financial statements
  • Company newsletters



Great research can sometimes be overshadowed by suboptimal language use in academic documentation.

Our linguistic expertise combined with our academic backgrounds make us well-equipped to bring your writing into excellent shape.

Academic documents include

  • Résumés
  • Journal articles (research/review)
  • Conference papers and proceedings
  • Theses (Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D., Habilitation)
  • Funding proposals
  • Books or book chapters
  • Course materials



Conveying the intended meaning in a consistent and precise manner is critical for technical documentation.

Our qualified and experienced editors combine excellent language skills and technical expertise in a range of fields, making them perfectly suited to copy-editing your technical documents.

Technical documents include

  • User manuals
  • Datasheets
  • Reports



Your promotional materials act as a showcase for your personal and professional merits, and must, therefore, meet the highest quality standards, which we can help you achieve.

Promotional documents include

  • Editorials
  • Magazine articles
  • Advertising
  • Marketing collateral
  • Press releases
  • Websites



Although consistency checking is included in all of our comprehensive copy-editing services by default, we also offer you this option independently for a lesser, flat-rate fee and with guaranteed same-day delivery.

This service includes checking for a range of inconsistencies that commonly occur in most pieces of writing and resolving them according to your individual preferences.

Consistency checking includes resolving

  • Spelling variations (British versus American English)
  • Differences in headline capitalisation
  • Differences in hyphenation
  • Inconsistencies in list punctuation
  • Brackets and quotes left open

Copy-Editing Prices

Our standard copy-editing service is charged at NZD 0.07 – 0.13 per word (plus GST), depending on the complexity of your document, the level of editing required, and any further requirements. The timeframe for our standard service is two to four business days unless agreed otherwise.

Discounts of up to 20% may apply for well-written documents.

Simply send us an e-mail or use our free quote form to upload your documents and receive a free no-obligation quote within one working day.

We also offer the option of paying in Euros. Please advise if you would prefer a quote in Euros.

How It Works

We make all edits to your .doc or .docx document on-screen in Microsoft Office’s track changes mode. In pdf files, we make our changes using pdf editing software. Both scenarios enable you to clearly see what changes we have made to your document. Sometimes (if we feel it is necessary) we will add explanatory comments to you, to help you understand what changes we have made and why.


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