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We are happy to have provided all our clients with a highly satisfactory service over the years and are pleased to display some of the feedback we have received here.

Helena is extremely knowledgeable and is a role model for practicing and teaching business writing. I gained so many valuable insights from her Masterclass workshop and my business writing has substantially improved. Best of all, I now have to confidence and knowledge to tell the difference between good and bad pieces of writing.

Helena from Tales was vey prompt and efficient editing the copy for my business website. Some very important changes were suggested and it really made a difference to the way my copy read and how professional my site became. I would not hesitate to recommended Helena for your language editing or writing needs.

Helena greatly improved my writing by providing me with to the point advice on how to better structure and organize. It is also worth mentioning a hearty smile and good atmosphere while working with her. Helena is packed with motivation and ready to answer all your questions and doubts.

I enjoyed the motivating atmosphere during the workshop. I could instantly improve my writing through learning by doing.

Testimonial Dr. Markus Biberacher

Publikationen in wissenschaftlichen Zeitschriften erfordern nicht nur eine wissenschaftliche Exzellenz in Bezug auf die kommunizierten Inhalte sondern darüber hinaus auch eine professionelle Formulierung um dem Standard wissenschaftlicher Publikationen zu genügen. Es ist ein wahrer Mehrwert hierbei auf die Expertise von Helena zurückgreifen zu können, die sich nicht nur durch Ihre exzellente bilingualen (Deutsch und Englisch) sprachlichen Fähigkeiten auszeichnet sondern auch durch Ihr multidisziplinäres Interesse sich in unterschiedliche Themen einzuarbeiten. So erhalten Dokumente nicht nur den letzten sprachlichen Schliff sondern auch einen kritischen inhaltlichen Review. Ein wahrer Mehrwert für wissenschaftliche Publikationen! Basierend auf diesen meinen positiven Erfahrungen kann ich Helena für jedwede Fragestellung eines kritischen Reviews (sparchlich wie inhaltlich) oder auch der vollständigen Übersetzung wissenschaftlicher Publikationen nur wärmstens empfehlen!

Testimonial Daniel Hölbling

My experience with the founding members of TALES – Translation & Academic Language Editing Services, Helena and Isabella, was always great and to my complete satisfaction. I used their editing service several times, particularly for improving the style and language of academic texts related to the broad field of GIScience. The communication with Helena and Isabella was easy and prompt, and they always sent the edited versions very well in time. But not only the English language was significantly improved, but also the scientific context was perfectly considered during editing, suggesting appropriate technical and scientific terms, and making the academic texts more easily comprehensible. I will definitely make use of their editing service again and can highly recommend TALES to anybody looking for a professional, reliable and fast service.

Testimonial Dr. Peter Ranacher

Ich kenne Isabella und Helena von meiner Zeit als Doktorand an der Universität Salzburg. Als angehender Forscher und Nicht-Muttersprachler ist es oft schwierig wissenschaftliche Arbeiten in englischsprachigen Fachzeitschriften zu publizieren. Wann immer ich einen neuen Artikel veröffentliche, geht dieser daher zuerst zu Isabella und Helena zum „Language editing“. Die beiden sind selbst in der Forschung tätig, daher sind ihre Korrekturen nicht nur sprachlich, sondern auch wissenschaftlich auf höchstem Niveau! In a nutshell: tolle Qualität, schnell und unkompliziert.

Testimonial Dr. Peter Ranacher

Um wissenschaftliche Artikel auch in einer Fremdsprache sehr gut lesbar und verständlich zu formulieren, habe ich mehrmals die hervorragenden und schnellen Dienstleistungen von TALES in Anspruch genommen. Mit den Ergebnissen war ich stets sehr zufrieden.

Testimonial Dr Stefan Kienberger

TALES has supported me several times already. As a non-native English speaker, it is important for me to provide my scientific publications in high quality – not only content wise but also with a sound language. TALES helped me to improve the language quality of my manuscript significantly – in short time and with high accuracy.

Testimonial Zabira Rakhymbay

During my MSc degree, Isabella Merschdorf was assigned to help other students and me as a tutor of English language. After a few sessions with Ms. Merschdorf, I was satisfied with the quality of teaching and results. The classes under her leadership were interesting and held competently and in a relaxed atmosphere. This allowed us to be liberated and fully involved in the process. The focus of the sessions was improving the quality of oral speech, particularly in the academic context.
After our joint activities, I feel progress in my English, both in speaking and grammar in academic terms. In addition, Ms. Merschdorf has helped me to fix errors and adjust grammar mistakes in my scientific paper. Professional editing provided by Isabella was at a high level. This has helped me to improve my scientific paper and, accordingly, its assessment. I was very satisfied with the timeliness and quality of the work that she did.
I wish Isabella and her sister Helena success in their endeavours! I believe that with their service, you can achieve great results!

Testimonial Gyula Kothencz

I have been working with Isabella and Helena for almost three years now. They have proofread several of my manuscripts and presentations and made meaningful corrections if it was needed. They added valuable comments and their suggestions to fine-tune the language of the drafts. They are reliable and quick who work with great care and attention to details. I am very glad to continue our cooperation. Thanks…

Testimonial Dr Ourania Kounadi

I’ve known Helena and Isabella since 2011 when I started my doctoral studies at the University of Salzburg in Austria. They have edited several of my scientific publications including the framework text my PhD thesis. As a non-native English speaker, their revisions were highly important for my work. They are punctual, perfectionists and always tried to help me improve my regular grammatical or syntactical errors. I believe that I have improved my writing with their help and I have never had a language related- issue in any of my published research studies. Apart from my personal experience, I know that Helena and Isabella provided their editing services for several years in our department with great success. Also, they were giving presentation and writing courses to new doctoral students. I truly trust and respect their work.

Testimonial Mona Bartling

The TALES team edited assignments throughout my MSc degree as well as my Master thesis. I am very happy with their work, and they helped me to improve my papers regarding not only grammar issues but also issues they found regarding the GIS related content. I can highly recommend their work, and I know they have done a great job not only for me but also for other colleagues and fellow students. The TALES team is professional, comprehensive, to the point, very fast, and is known for the high quality work in academic language editing.

Testimonial Dr. Sylke Hilberg

Seit ich 2010 begonnen habe, meine ersten Arbeiten in internationalen geowissenschaftlichen Journalen zu publizieren, hat Isabella Merschdorf meine englischen Texte überarbeitet und vereinzelt auch deutsche Texte für mich übersetzt. Ich war zuvor über mehr als ein Jahrzehnt ausschließlich im deutschsprachigen Raum tätig und war daher nie gefordert, meine Englischkenntnisse zu pflegen. Dementsprechend hatte ich keinerlei Routine im Verfassen wissenschaftlicher Artikel in englischer Sprache. Dank Isabellas fundierten Sprachkenntnissen kombiniert mit ihrem Fachverständnis für die Inhalte meiner Artikel haben diese massiv an Klarheit und Präzesion gewonnen. Ich bin überzeugt, dass dies großen Anteil daran hat, dass die Arbeiten von den Gutachtern positiv beurteilt wurden. Es gab in den Review-Verfahren nie Kritik an der sprachlichen Umsetzung. Für den Start meiner wissenschaftlichen Karriere war Isabellas Lektoratstätigkeit außerordentlich hilfreich. Ich bin ihr für ihre Arbeit sehr dankbar und kann ihre Dienste aus voller Überzeugung empfehlen.!

Testimonial Dr Fariba Kargaranbafghi

Your professionalism and high-quality work were greatly appreciated. Quick turnaround times and a high level of work and communication made this a valuable and smooth process for me. Email communication was prompt, and the edited version of my manuscripts arrived well ahead of the deadline. I would definitely recommend your work to everyone, for PhDs, manuscripts or other important writing.

Testimonial Hermann Klug

The English spelling and grammar editing of my published manuscripts improved not only my submitted scientific papers but also my personal writing skills. Even under tight time pressure Helena and Isabella managed a very fast, efficient and effective review and thus I strongly recommend this service to anyone who needs it.!

Testimonial Cornelia Schneider

Als Dissertantin und wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin in einem Forschungsunternehmen ist es für mich wichtig in englisch-sprachigen Magazinen zu publizieren. Dies stellt oft eine Herausforderung dar, da Englisch nicht meine Muttersprache ist. Ich war froh, als mir die Universität die Möglichkeit gab auf professionelle Unterstützung beim Englisch-Lektorat eines meiner Paper zurückzugreifen, welches durch Isabella sehr professionell und vor allem sehr schnell durchgeführt wurde. Dieses Service kann ich allen nur wärmstens empfehlen.

Testimonial Dr Pablo Cabrera Barona

Working with TALES has been a great experience! TALES has expertly and promptly edited the English language of my papers. For me, it is very valuable to know that I can count on the professionalism of TALES for all my academic work. I definitely recommend TALES to everyone, especially to scholars and PhD students.

Testimonial Anahita Dabiri

I am a PhD candidate in the field of Geoinformatics, and I am expected to submit articles in related ISI journals. During the last years, Helena and Isabella Merschdorf have helped me with the English proofreading of my manuscripts, including grammar corrections, formatting, and commenting on my manuscripts, all of which helped me to better clarify my arguments and to improve the quality of the manuscripts. They also helped my sister, who is doing her PhD in the field of solid-state physics, with the English of her manuscript, including corrections and formatting, and getting her manuscript to be “accepted without change” in the related ISI journal. Hereby, I thank them for all the work they have done for my sister and me, to save our time, and let us submit our manuscripts with more confidence to the journals. Thanks, Helena and Isabella, I am very grateful for your help, and I will use your services again. I highly recommend them to academics to save their time and have higher quality work.

Testimonial Dr Diana Contreras

The great staff from TALES has done the proofreading of all of my manuscripts, conference papers, proposals for research grants and presentations since 2011 and They did the proofreading of my PhD Thesis in 2015. I already published three papers with good comments about the quality of the English from the reviewers. Two more papers are in major revisions; the conference papers have always been being accepted, I got the research grant that I applied in 2013, with the support of the TALES team. They always go beyond the correction of grammar, they also make valuable recommendations to improve the coherence of the content and last but not least, they are always on time and available for short notice proof-reading and further questions. Based on my experience, I strongly recommend you the services of this company.

Testimonial Martin Loidl

Längst ist Englisch zur Lingua franca der akademischen Welt geworden. Dadurch ist es unerlässlich geworden, seine Arbeiten in englischsprachigen Journalen und Konferenzbeiträgen zu publizieren. Für Akademiker mit Englisch als Zweitsprache ist dieses Arbeiten in einer ‚fremden‘ Sprachumgebung allerdings eine zusätzliche Herausforderung. An dieser Stelle professionelle Unterstützung zu erhalten, ermöglicht es, sich auf die fachlichen Inhalte zu konzentrieren.
Helena und Isabella erweisen sich durch ihre sprachliche, aber auf fachliche Kompetenz im Bereich der Raumwissenschaften, als ideale Hilfe beim Übersetzen und Redigieren wissenschaftlicher Texte. Besonders hervorzuheben ist dabei ihr hohes Maß an Engagement und die ausgezeichnete Kommunikation. Vor diesem Hintergrund ist die Zusammenarbeit mit TALES uneingeschränkt zu empfehlen!

Testimonial Karl Atzmanstorfer

Both Isabella and Helena have edited my PhD manuscripts throughout the years, and I have always been exceptionally happy with their service. They have really helped me to improve the quality of my writing and thus helped my work to get published in indexed journals. They respond quickly to enquiries, and short deadlines have also never been an issue. I have always had an entirely pleasant experience with TALES and really appreciate the professional services and advice.

Testimonial Dr. Peter Ranacher

The company provides outstanding proofreading service for a fair and competitive price. I am extremely pleased with their work in terms of quality and timely completion.

Testimonial Dana Kaziyeva

During my studies at the University of Salzburg, I took additional lessons on academic writing taught by Isabella Merschdorf. English is not my native language, and my master program was in English. Thus, I needed some assistance on writing grammatically and stylistically correct reports and seminar papers. In addition, we had small groups of international students gathering together with Isabella and practising our English speaking skills. I enjoyed these meetings a lot!

Testimonial Dr Barbara Hofer

Grammatically correct language and concise expressions facilitate successful communication, in my opinion. As I am a non-native English speaker, the editing of scientific texts through Helena has significantly improved the presentation of the content. The collaboration with Helena worked very smoothly, as she responded in a timely manner and provided diligent revisions to the text. I will definitely ask her for her services again.

Testimonial Aiym Orynbaikyzy

It is hard to find really professional people in their field, especially in an academic language editing. But I was lucky to find Isabella and Helena, who helped me to adapt to the scientific world. I am incredibly grateful to this group for their support and high professional skills which made it possible to raise my academic language knowledge to the upper level. They can find a unique approach to each client and thus produce the most satisfactory results from this collaborative work. It was a pleasure to work with such incredible team of professionals!

Testimonial Aigerim

Since I am not an expert in the field of English linguistics and since the English language is the third language for me, I think it is necessary for me to use professional editing services when writing my papers. I used the services of TALES during my Master studies to edit my project documentations and essays. They did their work in a quite short time and very professionally. I was glad to work with them and definitely will continue using their services.

Testimonial Bakhtiar

I have worked with both Helena and Isabella several times to get the English of my manuscripts into excellent publishable shape. As English is my second language, I am often unsure about correct grammar usage and how to best express my thoughts. Helena and Isabella have always really taken the time to collaboratively improve my work, kindly giving me many general and specific tips and valuable feedback so that I have really been able to learn a lot in the process. I will gladly continue to utilize their services and am more than happy to recommend them to anyone looking for a great, personal editing service.

Testimonial Chunzhu

As a researcher from China, I am experiencing increasing pressure to get my manuscripts published in English. Since English is my second language, linguistic mentality problems like the word-to-word translation of traditional Chinese expressions into English have led to unprofessional or redundant content in my manuscripts. Helena and Isabella have helped me a lot in formalizing and verbalizing alternative interpretations of my research questions and findings, in order to express them in an attractive way. They really pay attention to the discipline-specific differences of my methodologies, encourage me to compose my ideas in a constructive manner, and ensure that my manuscripts are well organized, following a clear and uniform style. Through their extensive help, I have gradually learned to avoid expression errors in my papers, for example, keeping in mind never to write a sentence longer than 40 words. Just as the motto that they gave to me: Never stop learning. Writing English for me is the lifetime skill that needs to be practised.

Testimonial Thomas Blaschke

I had the pleasure to work with the two founders of this company years ago at the university where they both helped to significantly improve the publication level at our department and worked with PhD students and Postdocs on replies to editors and reviewers. TALES provides excellent services in the field of academic publishing!

Testimonial Eva Haslauer

Ich bin derzeit PostDoc Researcher an der Universität Salzburg und publiziere nun seit etwa 7 Jahren. In meinem Forschungsbereich sind zwar auch deutschsprachige Publikationen angesehen, um jedoch den eigenen Forschungsinhalt über die Grenzen zu tragen, bedarf es der Veröffentlichung in International Journals. Die Anforderungen, um zur Publikation angenommen zu werden, steigen von Jahr zu Jahr. Ich war ausgesprochen froh, mich an Helena wenden zu können, um einerseits meine eigenen Publikationen Korrekturlesen zu lassen und andererseits mit ihr an Publikationen zu arbeiten. Die Resultate sprechen für sich: von allen zum Korrekturlesen geschickten bzw. zusammen verfassten Artikeln, wurde keiner abgewiesen. Dass das nicht nur dem Inhalt, sondern auch einem guten Schreibstil und der Ausdrucksweise geschuldet ist, ist für mich klar! Danke für Eure Arbeit!

Testimonial Ivan

TALES – Awesome team of young professionals who helped me during my PhD studies by correcting my manuscripts. Not only that they checked the grammatical structures but also greatly improved my writing by providing me with to the point advices on how to better structure and organize. It is also worth mentioning a hearty smile and good atmosphere while working with them. They are packed with motivation and ready to answer all your questions and doubts. You need more convincing? At the end of my PhD studies I have 8 published manuscripts which were never edited for grammar and writing by the publishing source! I think that tells a lot. Highly recommended!

Helena did an outstanding job copy-editing my LLM (law master’s) thesis, where she revised my writing for grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. She also gave me valuable pointers regarding the logic of my arguments and helped me ensure that my writing followed a clear structure with all loose ends tied up.

Helena went above and beyond the scope of her work, helping me troubleshoot and problem-solve a technical issue I was having with my literature management software. Being able to rely on her put me at ease in a stressful and time pressured situation, and I was so thankful for her help and support.

Throughout working with Helena, I always found her extremely competent, professional, and easy to work with, and I was especially grateful for her flexibility and availability to work to my needs and deadlines. I can’t recommend Helena highly enough, and she continues to be my go-to person for all language matters.

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